Capitoline Hill

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The Capitoline Hill ( / ˈ k æ p ᵻ t ə ˌ l aɪ n , k ə ˈ p ɪ - / ; [1] [2] Latin : Collis Capitōlīnus [ˈkɔllɪs kapɪtoːˈliːnʊs] ; Italian : Campidoglio [kampiˈdɔʎʎo] ), between the Forum and the Campus Martius , is one of the Seven Hills of Rome .

While being the lowest and smallest of the seven hills of Rome (The Aventino, Capitoline, Caeline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinale, Viminale), the Capitoline is perhaps the most closely bound to the city’s history, as it has been the hub of Rome’s political and religious life since ancient times.